The tale of 4 Garters

Over 2 years I worked 4 lace garters in Torchon, an old English lace, using a different pricking (pattern) for all 4.  Garters might only be about 3 inch wide but the length  has to be at least 2 and half times the diameter of the brides leg so this meant working a piece at least 30 inch long.  Thank goodness all the brides were very slim young women.

Garter 1 was for Chelsea the Granddaughter of my American friend who lives in Traverse City, Michigan.  I did not know what colour theme she had chosen so decided to use white and work the contrast in traditional blue with a broach attached for decoration.

Garter 2 was for Alice who married May 2011 once again I did not know what her colour theme was so I kept to the traditional and choose white with blue for the contrast.

Garter 3 was for my Australian friend’s daughter Angela who married in April 2012.  This time I knew her colour theme was to be various shades of lilac so I worked the contrast in pale lilac and made a display box in the same shade.  We delivered the garter as we were invited to her wedding in Western Australia where we stayed for 6 weeks.

Garter 4 was for my great niece Kerry Jane who married in October and once again I knew her colour theme. As it was an autumn wedding she had chosen orange, her reception was held in the wood near where her parents live with pumpkins and candles following the orange theme.  Very Different.  Once again I made a display box with flowers and autumn foliage


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