Sneaton Lace Weekend 2016

Unbelievably for the seventh year running we had beautiful summer weather encouraging us to enjoy the sun as well as lace.  This year we stayed for 4 days so it was decided to have the chance to explore needle made lace.

Knitting, Tatting, Bobbin Lace, Patchwork, Embroidery display 2016  Sneaton

Knitting, Tatting, Bobbin Lace, Patchwork, Embroidery display 2016 Sneaton

Norma, an extremely talented member, offered to share her expertise, generously and patiently helping the adventurous explore a different lace.  By Sunday quite a few petals had been produced using the Zele techniques.  Looking forward to seeing the completed flowers. Thank you Norma.


Sneaton 2016 group

Our Australian member brought her Torchon Lace tablecloth – entirely her own design and work.  A Ravenfield member brought her crocheted bedspread adapted from an old tray-cloth.  A sister-in-law visitor from Canada almost finished a pair of socks.  The rest either crossed & twisted onwards or relaxed with a change of craft.  Thank you ladies for sharing your work and skill.



A small aside – ever wondered why a “thimble” is so called?   Really is a corruption of “THUMB BELL” as, if truly following continental methods, the needle is pushed upwards and away from you by using the thumb.  Feels weird at first but I find you can control tension better this way – have a try – great fun.

Tochon Lace Tablecloth

Tochon Lace Tablecloth

Norma’s needle lace samples and our usual display – useful when other visitors and the sisters, intrigued by our notice “Lacemakers at Work”, come to look see –  bride (beautiful lacy dress) and wedding guests this year!

Guess what?  We are booked in for next year already!!!



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